Boulder Canyon

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  1. I assume these monstrosities were paid for with the same lottery fund cash which funded the original Fairlop Waters 'refurbishment' (I use the quotation marks intentionally.) I have not yet seen the finished article, but I would not be surprised to see the whole thing encased in wire netting similar to the 'art-work' at Gants Hill roundabout.

    It's very sad to note that money can readily be found for rubbish like this but it's taken over sixty years so far for the powers that be (not)to find any kind of funding for a small memorial to honour the men and women who flew from Fairlop when it was a wartime fighter airfield.

    What a testimonial to contemporary values!

    Lead me to the sick-bag.

  2. Went by Fairlop Waters today and had a look at these boulders. I like them! I think they look interesting but they are really for children to climb on. Perhaps a mixture of equipment would have been good to provide a bit of variety. I can't imagine these were cheap and a very good adventure playground could have been built including 2 or 3 of these.

    Best entertainment was provided by a dozen newfoundland dogs. Most were attached securely to ground stakes, thankfully, while one of their number was undergoing training in the water. Various items were fetched from the water and the substantial rubber craft with large outboard engine was towed to the bank. Next, the huge dog was assisted into the dinghy, with some lack of dignity for both dog & assistants. Items were then thrown repeatedly from the boat while the dog was instructed calmly, cajoled & yelled at to leap out and rescue them. Very sensibly, the dog was having none of it. It seemed to me it had worked pretty hard already while the crew had been messing about in boats. Finally the poor animal was heaved over the side. Every now & again the dog colleagues set up a howl as if to say it was their turn. Apparently this show is repeated every Sunday, though I don't think it's put on as a public entertainment.