4 Feb 2017: Eco-tips - Saving money in your home

Eco-tips Workshop to save money in your home:

Saturday 4th February 2017
2:00pm to 4:00pm
1 Holstock Road, IG1 1LG

This is a workshop to explain how eco-tips can help us reduce our living costs

The workshop will explain:
  • How to reduce electricity bills
  • How to reduce heating bills
  • How to reduce water bills
  • How to reduce transport costs
  • How to reduce food costs
  • How to reduce other general and shopping costs
The workshop will be run by Donnachadh McCarthy FRSA and is funded by the City bridge Trust.

Donnchadh has worked for over 10 years as a professional eco-auditor advising chariries and businesses on how to reduce their running costs by going green.
He is the author of two books on the subject "Saving the Planet without costing the Earth" and "Easy Eco-Auditing" and is a widely published eco-journalist. He wrote the Home Ecologist column for The Independent and is a frequent eco-contributor on many national TV and Radio programmes including BBC's "Not easy being Green" and ITV's "How Green is your home?"

His terraced Victorian house in Peckham was London's first carbon negative home. It has solar electric, solar hot water, rain-harvesting, composting toilet, triple glazing, wood-burner and solid wall insulation. His annual gas bill is £12!

For more information contact Peter Musgrave on 07943 986988 or petermusgrave1950@gmail.com

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