11 Nov 2017: Remembrance at Fairlop Waters

This year we are remembering P/O RC Schuren from the Netherlands.

He flew with 64 Squadron and they had severe problems with the Luftwaffe to the extent that many pilots nearly ran out of fuel and had to make emergency landings on the airfields of Kent.
P/O Schuren, in the process of taking off one morning ran a wheel off the runway and the spitfire went in on its nose.
In the afternoon, another sortie and the Squadron came under attack and when P/O Schuren landed he had no brakes and crashed into the embankment at the runway end.

Three years ago, believing P/O Stanisƚaw Kurowicki to be Russian, we remembered him as such.
Subsequent research with the MoD Polish section has revealed his Polish nationality, so we will remember him with the correct flag and national anthem.

David Martin

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