5 Apr 2018: “The Future for Oakfield”
- Public Meeting & Support Oakfield Society AGM


Thursday 5th April 2018
Jack Carter Pavilion, Oakfield site (see map below)

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“The Future for Oakfield”
AGM – Annual Reports and elect your Trustees
Public Meeting:  “The Future for Oakfield”
     Well done the Oakfield campaign
-          Let’s ensure it is there for the future.
Cllr Joyce Ryan, Fairlop Ward; Board Member, London Sport
      The Green Belt Threats and Future
-          Protecting green space for your future
Richard Knox-Johnston, Chairman, London Green Belt Council
 Oakfield: a World Class Hub of Excellence
  • Will the Council make Oakfield Playing Fields “a world class Hub of Sporting Excellence” and “progressively enhance major sports facilities in the borough” as the Leader recently announced?

           -          Speakers to be announced (awaiting the Leader)
Fields In Trust: “safeguarding Oakfield for future generations to enjoy”
-          Oakfield is precisely what the Patron (HM The Queen) and President (The Duke of Cambridge) want to protect. Why?  How?
-          Chris Nutt, Secretary, Support Oakfield Society (and supporting cast)
         Your ideas for the future of Oakfield
  • Audience have your say! (As ratepayers, you own it.)
Summing up and next steps
  • Nicholas Hirst, Chairman, Support Oakfield Society

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