14 Nov 2017: Scottish Wildlife - Talk with RSPB North East London

RSPB North East London

Illustrated Talk:
Scottish Wildlife

Tuesday 14 November 2017 at 8pm

Duncan MacDonald has for 16 years acted as a guide to wildlife watching groups in the Highlands. He still leads groups for Speyside Wildlife, as well as being a countryside ranger for the Highland Council.

Admission £3-50, £3 for RSPB and WREN members, children free

St Mary's Church (Gwinnell Room)
207 High Road
South Woodford
E18 2PA

St Mary's Church is a short distance north of our old meeting place. Parking is allowed on the single yellow lines outside in the High Road after 6.30 pm. There is also free parking at Derby Road car park.
It is about a 15 minute walk from South Woodford tube station (on Central line). Buses 179 and W13 stop nearby.

Telephone: 020 8989 4746
E-mail: nelondonRSPB@yahoo.co.uk

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  1. last time I was in the Scottish Highlands, which was I may add some years ago, I saw a lone Scotsman wrestling with a screaming, screaching wee beastie. The man had obviously stalked the creature for a while as he had one of its horns in his mouth and the other bellowed for all it was worth while he squeezed its innards in a drastic fashion - I ran for the hills and still the noise and the ghostly wailing followed me until I had reached the summit yet echoing around the foothills the poor animal was, obviously continuing to cry in pain. If anyone can tell me what it might have been I would be obliged...